Regardless of market or industrial segment, there can be applications where filtration/straining represents either a total customer solution (little treatment required) or an inexpensive and effective way to reduce the complexity, footprint and cost of Water/Wastewater treatment solutions for customers. We have water filters and screens that range from the simple to the complex, but can in any case have a noticeable positive impact on water treatment solution design.

Our Filtration & Strainer solutions include:

• Variable Filter Material: Screen, Disk and Microfiber
• Manual and Self-Cleaning Features
• Steel, Polymeric and Stainless Steel Construction

Rotary lobe pumps, Municipal/Industrial, sanitary sludge transfer, viscous product transfer, food product transfer, 0 – 2500 GPM, 0 – 280 PSI discharge pressure

Gravity filtration and package filtration products, pressure filtration, auxiliary wash systems and applications

Ozone generation system, ceramic membrane filtration, high speed CSO filtration system, water reuse system

Compressible media filtration system which allows operators to adjust media porosity to suit their influent characteristics at the push of a button. This compact, modular filter can be used in a wide variety of Water and Wastewater applications to attain flow rates up to 45gpm/ft2, reduce wash water usage and maintenance

Pressure media filters, gravity media filters, microfiltration systems generally operated in a pressure range of 10 to 50 psig