Driven by growth in the electric vehicle and solar energy markets, the Mining vertical in North America is seeing sustained growth. Cogent is excited to support the water needs of that market.

Our Mining customers require the highest level of system performance and environmental compliance in order to ensure the long-term cost-effectiveness of their plant operations. In this water-intensive market, our expertise and supplier relationships combine to help customers manage and treat their process Wastewaters while minimizing consumption and discharge through comprehensive recycle and reuse planning.

Our Mining solutions include:

  • Pumps, Mixers and Blowers
  • Domestic Water for Temporary Mining Camps
  • Heavy Metals Removal like Arsenic, Chromium, Lead and Selenium
  • High-Density Sludge Systems for Acid-Mine Drainage
  • pH Control Systems
  • Sludge Conditioning and Dewatering
  • Water Recycle/Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Let our industry knowledge and innovative technologies help your Mining sites in developing sustainable solutions while meeting your economic and environmental goals.


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