Defend your territory. Protect your municipality.

Meet Hippo: Your customizable, easy-to-use
solution for lift station monitoring.

Alarms for problems 24/7

Rich data for remote diagnostics

Experts on call for support

You wear a lot of hats. Constantly inspecting your lift stations does not need to be one of them.

Introducing: Hippo, a pre-configured and customizable remote monitoring system that includes all required hardware and runs on our Sahara software platform.

This system is designed to help you defend your wastewater networks during heavy water events, including first flush, as well as during everyday use. With rapid alarms, simple set up, and user friendly interface, Hippo gives you confidence that your wastewater equipment is operating well and will not bring extra stress to your day.

Receive notifications for potential problems, including failed pump starts, high water level, clogs, and more. Review detailed, time-stamped data for effective remote diagnostics and root cause analysis. Get in touch with Cogent experts for support when you need it.

With one login and one configurable platform, you only need one solution: Cogent’s Hippo

Hippo At A Glance

This scalable solutions offers:

  • Configurable hardware and software

  • Rich, time-stamped data for remote diagnostics

  • Pump overload alarms

  • Run times logs

  • High water alarm

  • Flow meter inputs

  • Map Location

  • Cellular connectivity

  • Secure, remote access from any laptop or PC

  • Low maintenance

  • Total station flow correlation

  • 24/7 access to experts

With Hippo you can track trends, correlate events, identify wear, and conduct root cause analysis. Additionally, when events occur, you can contact our team of certified experts who can help you identify the problem.

Our team has spent 40+ years equipping and maintaining lift stations. Now, you can trust us with your monitoring, too.

Who Are We?

We are Cogent: a team of 11 best-in-class partner companies. We are employee-owned and customer-centered to deliver smart, pertinent, and logical solutions for municipalities, industrial organizations, commercial building trades, and oil and gas markets.

For the last 40 years, we have put our skills to the test balancing water ecosystems through expertly designed tools and technology and the people that make it all happen. Our team is built of industry experts who take true pride in what they do: making your life easier and your end users’ safer.

We’ve poured all four decades of passion, experience, and expertise into Hippo & Sahara, developing them based on real feedback we’ve gleaned from those who use these tools everyday. We saw the underlying problems on current options – and fixed them.

But don’t take our word for it. See Hippo in action today.