We provide sales, service, installation and repair on any a wide variety of pumps and pumping equipment with partnering manufacturers. Our experienced technicians can precisely diagnose and repair all makes and models.

• Submersible
• Centrifugal
• Vertical Turbine
• High Pressure
• High Viscosity
• Positive Displacement
• Magnetic Drive
• Internal Gear
• Drum
• Peristaltic Hose
• Chemical Feed
• Precision Metering
• API and ANSI
• Mechanical Seals
• Twin and 3-Screw
• Self-Priming
• Sealed and Seal-less
• Pump Motors
• Grinder
• Chopper
• Split Case Centrifugal
• End Suction Centrifugal
• Axial Flow Propeller
• Dry Pit
• Rotary Lobe
• Progressing Cavity
• Vertical In-Line

• Installation and Startup
• Analysis Solutions
• Oil Analysis
• Failure Analysis
• ODS Analysis
• Pump Efficiency
• Laser Alignment
• Dynamic Balancing
• Process Performance Optimization
• Wireless Health Monitoring Systems

Blackmer positive displacement pumps have revolutionized the pumping industry with their unique sliding vane technology.  Blackmer manufactures the highest-quality industrial gear pumps for the safe and efficient transfer of high-value and hard-to-seal fluids. With a combination of patented and standard setting designs, our mission is to engineer the world’s safest and most reliable internal gear pumps by understanding our customers’ needs and providing unparalleled customer service. Assembled in the USA and backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty, Blackmer internal gear pumps are second to none.

Pulsation dampeners, Surge suppressors, Inlet stabilizers Accumulators, Diaphragm seals and valves Leak Containment.

Centrifugal, submersible pumps to 1700 GPM and 160 feet TDH. Handle abrasive slurries to 70% by weight. CI, hardened DI, 28% chrome iron, all 316SS. Motor or hydraulically driven. High temperature pumps to 190 degrees F. Agitator and shredder designs.

High-efficiency liquid ring vacuum, DuraVane lubricated rotary vane vacuum, liquid ring, HullVac rotary piston vacuum, Maxima-C and Maxima-K pumps

Mechanical cartridge ANSI, API, Metal bellows and split seals for pumps, compressors, Agitators, Seal supply systems, dynamic dry gas seals. Testing and repair facilities, works on all major manufacturers seals

Horizontal and vertical, single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps. Cast iron, bronze, 316SS and CD4MCU construction, Capacities to 6000 GPM and heads to 1000 feet, Self priming , recessed impeller, close coupled and frame mounted pumps. Applications include machine tool coolants, general industrial, spray booths, chemical and slurry.

High pressure, positive displacement pumps. Flows to 37 GPM and pressures to 2500 psig. SD Series for slurry applications. Vertical and horizontal configurations. Metallic and non-metallic construction.

Hygienic twin screw pumps for the food and pharmaceutical industry. 2-in-1 principle, convey product and CIP with one pump

Horizontal and vertical centrifugal, ANSI, API, ISO, Slurry, general service, capacities to 6000 GPM and heads to 1000 feet, Flows to 500,000 gpm / heads to 5500 feet, Temperatures to 850 degrees, Metallic, nonmetallic and lined designs

Electrical submersible pumps and mixers.1-700HP, Portable dewatering and solid handling, Slurry handling, Vortex impellers, grinder, cutter, dry pit, stainless steel, warm liquid, explosion proof, and axial flow pumps.

Industrial, Chemical, slurry, Water and Wastewater, Pump controls, Submersible pump packages, Basin and Basin accessories

Metering pump technology that includes hydraulically actuated, mechanically actuated, pneumatic and solar powered diaphragm and plunger pumps for Industrial and Municipal applications

Positive displacement, progressing cavity pumps, Flows to 4500 GPM and pressures to 2100 psig, Temperatures to 500 degrees F, Viscosities to 2,000,000 cps, Elastomeric, Teflon metallic stators, Industrial and Sanitary designs

Horizontal self priming and centrifugal pumps, Stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, aluminum, Flows to 750 GPM and heads to 230 feet

Manufacturer of Regenerative Turbine Pumps & Centrifugal Pumps in Plano, Illinois since 1965.

Air operated, double diaphragm, positive displacement pumps, ¼” through 4” sizes, available in multiple metallic, non-metallic (plastic) and diaphragm and check valve materials, Heavy duty ball valve and flap valve designs for larger solid handling and more viscous or abrasive fluids. Standard pumps available for routine chemical and industrial applications, Dual containment pumps, High pressure (2:1 mechanically advantaged) pumps, Seal-less, variable speed, variable flow and head

Horizontal, high pressure, pitot tube design pumps, Flows up to 750 GPM and pressures to 2250 psig, Temperatures to 550 degrees F, Iron and stainless steel construction, Single or double mechanical seals

Developed the first pneumatically driven metering pump designed specifically for the Oil & Gas industry. Powered by air or gas, the pneumatic pump injects chemicals safely into hazardous or explosion-proof environments making it the right choice for remote locations where safety is the top priority. Made from 316 stainless steel, flows up to 90 gph and pressure to 13,100 psig.